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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Enza Essentials

Okay, so my skin and I have always had a love hate relationship. Some days it looks supermodel fab, and others it's a "hide in your room" kind of day. But my skin has always been like that, so I just thought that that's how my skin was! Enter Enza Essentials. I was contacted by Enza to try out their skincare line. They asked a few questions regarding my skin type, current regimen and skincare concerns. Enza customizes skin care to fit every individual's needs because they believe that everyone needs different products that are tailored specifically to their skin! Every customer fills out a questionnaire that takes their lifestyle, environment, climate and skin details into consideration when suggesting products! (And bonus - if you order a skin care suite you get 30% off!) Once Enza selected my products, they sent them to me in a cute little baggie along with a folder detailing my customized skincare routine. Not only does it have a detailed schedule inside (when to use which products and how often), but it also contains information detailing each product (what's in it, what it does etc). I love that I know EXACTLY what I'm putting on my skin - no guess work to it. And let me tell you, when I first received these products, I never thought they would actually make much of a difference - but I couldn't be more wrong! I've been using the products for over a week now and I can already see a huge difference. My skin is brighter, smoother and more even. What a difference having a personalized skincare regimen makes! I don't know if I can ever go back to what I was doing before. Y'all know I'm all about fashion, but let's be honest - clear skin is the most important accessory. If you're looking for something that works, like really works - be sure to check out and start your journey to beautiful skin!

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